In the last three years, the topics of my work have been related to the environmental protection, promotion of science, sustainable development of cities and villages, and ecological tourism. Here are projects I have initiated or continue in 2020.


„VOICE OF THE LAGOON” a project I have been carrying out for the past three years during wintertime in cooperation with the inhabitants of Bacalar in Mexico, and the researchers and scientists from UNAM and ECOSUR. The main theme of the project are the giant forms of stromatolites, and the goal is to protect the lagoon in which they live.


„TREE TRI-CITY” – a project focused on creating a map of old trees in the Tri-City (Poland), developing cycling routes, as well as collecting stories about trees from the city inhabitants to present them in a film, together with interesting facts about trees. This year we recorded 27 radio broadcasts with residents of Gdańsk. Facebook: Miasto Drzew Trójmiasto


„WE, THE EARTHLINGS” – a project dedicated to primary school children from Pręgowo (Poland). Together with selected inhabitants, we teach children about the resources and exploitation of the land in our area. We invite them to create a vision of the future in which nature has its important place. Project in the frames of Young Culture program. Link for video (in polish )


„URODZAJNIA” – an informal group of female inhabitants of the  Lisewiec and Pręgowo villages, „run” by me for several years. I organize artistic and ecological workshops, I record movies with the ladies and organize bicycle trips. The theme of the project is herbs and their health properties, creating gardens friendly to pollinating insects, ecological cultivation of vegetables and fruits.


„LIFE ON EARTH” – an online video works gallery dedicated to life on earth in scientific, philosophical and artistic approach. This year for its first edition I have invited: Aurora Lubos, Honorata Martin and Zosia Martin. I will also show my video works as part of the project. Project in the frames of  “Kultura w Sieci” program by National Center for Culture Poland. my video:


„SPLOTY” – an online photo and video gallery, presenting the inhabitants of Lisewiec, Pręgowo, Buszkowo and Czapielsk villages and their stories. The subject of the works are social and ethnic changes over the last hundred years, as well as the relations between humans and animals (farm, wild, domestic animals). Website in the frames of the Ministry of Culture scholarship:


„WE FLY ABOVE GDAŃSK” – conducting a series of interviews with ornithologists on the protection of migrating birds flying over Gdańsk and conducting educational and artistic actions on the European Bird Day. The aim of the project was to draw attention to the problem of bird collisions in the city. Project in the frames by Urban Culture Institute in Gdańskńskiem-110033227519817

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„MUTE CROACK”– during my artist residency in ŁAŹNIA Center for Contemporary Art  I was exploring the nature-city relations, focusing on its unobvious inhabitants – toads and frogs.Project was based on the process, conducting research, working with agrou of specialists, and attempting to transformnext stages of this exploration into video work. The premiere of the short film was in December 2020.